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Laser welding of functional and constructional ceramics for Microelectronics

H. Exner, A.-M. Nagel


We are presenting a very successful new method of a laser welding technology developed in the Laser Institute of Mittelsachsen. It allows us to join parts of alumina without any changes of their properties based on an additive free procedure. Furthermore it enables us to carry out the procedure without furnaces and in natural atmosphere within only a few minutes. In order to avoid thermally induced stresses two laser beams are used. We will describe this procedure of laser welding of ceramics including the manner of preheating: their limits and advantages. The thermal influence on the welding bath and the grain structure will be discussed. High pure laser welded Al2O3- ceramic parts of various shapes will be presented. This new method of Laser welding of ceramics opens up a wide field of new applications. Almost now a lot of branches of industry have already shown their interest in this promising technique. Most applications are expected with sensor elements generally, and in the protection of electronic elements against high temperatures, abrasion and / or chemical attacks.

Download the full paper here! (pdf file, 367KB) 

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